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A group of women from a small village Paalaguttapalle in Chittoor District in Andhra Pradesh. After drought struck, and their agriculture slowed down, they started stitching to sustain their families. The quality of their bags is admired by all, and they have supplied to many conferences, events and functions. They also make tasty pickles, free of preservatives, using traditional recipies.

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What Our Client Says

We gave paalaguttapalle bags to carry their mementos to our orchestra members and esteemed guests at Samyukta's Arangetram.... We were all happy to pose with our bags too so we could post it here... I would like to encourage you all to go get yourself a bunch of their bags! Paalaguttapalle Bags operates out of a small, remote hamlet in Chittoor, AP. Women from the Dalitwada who are landless, agricultural workers have been rendered jobless due to droughts and have started an enterprising venture of stitching high quality cloth bags. The bags come in all shapes and sizes and are customized to suit customer needs. They offer a great alternative to plastic bags! Head to their page paalaguttapalle_bags to support rural livelihoods and encourage eco-friendly alternatives!


Thanks to the Paalaguttapalle women for this beautiful and convenient bag to carry around at the FETNA convention, Chicago.

Bhuvana Murali

Received the beautifully made #PaalaguttapalleBags ! The warmth of love and dedication is visible enough. Help the women of Dalitwada in fighting out drought. They need your support and they are ready to earn every bit of it. You can place your orders at


This bag holds so much weight. It is really a brilliant job. Magic in stitches! I never step out without one.

Kriti Bhardwaj

Thālelo would like to thank the inspiring group of women at Paalaguttapalle Bags for creating cloth-packaging pouches. The group creates environmentally friendly bags that are hand stitched and hand printed. When drought hit the village, the women rose up to the challenge by stitching bags to support their family and the community. Thālelo is proud to be part of the initiative.


Paalaguttapalle bag reaches Cambridge,UK and is requested to stay back. These bags carry the undefatigable spirit of the women who make them, the essence of the Indian villages and the answer to our collectively created demon, Plastic. May these bags go far and wide ! And keep the Rural India sustainable.

Archana Prasad

I vouch for the quality. Thankyou "paalaguttapalle" women for my 25 beautiful drawstring shoe bags in custom size and design . They stand out from other products in the market because of the devotion of these women to quality and making the customer happy. You can feel the love in these natural and bio degradable products. Money is crucial in their circumstances but yet secondary to character and quality.

Divya Sharma

More power to women of Palaguttapalle! Awesome and very very sturdy compartmentalised vegetable bags.

Krishna Kanth